A Marketing Blog + Starting Fresh

The first post always scares me. I’ve started a few blogs in the past but always had so much trouble with the very first post! I never know what to say, how much to say – always such high expectations for this blog to set the right tone for all the entries that follow.

Anyway, if the title of the blog has not yet given me away, I’m an account manager with a marketing company. I work with small to medium-sized businesses on their marketing strategy – and that can range from designing a website to maintaining it, copy writing, social media activities and SEO activities to trade show display booths, brochures and even business card designs.  Which means, as you can see, I am knee deep in marketing all day long.  I am obsessed with reading the latest marketing news – Mashable, TechCrunch, Search Engine Land, Seth Godin, Rand Fishkin you name it. (And if you name someone I haven’t found on my own yet, I will be very grateful).  I wanted to start my own blog as a way for me to digest all the information that I am reading and try to make sense of this marketing landscape that I am working in.  I love my job (there I said it) and I enjoy the challenges that I encounter on a daily basis.


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