YouTube’s Push Towards Responsive Design

YouTube recently announced the launch of YouTube One Channel – a new design platform that aims to create a more cohesive viewing experience for people, no matter the type of device they are on.  This new layout is responsive – so whether you’re on your TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, your viewing experience will be consistent.  So what else is new?

  • No more background image: instead, YouTube has replaced the background image with a header banner that looks a little different across all devices.
  • Trailer Video: Situated at the top of your channel, this is a feature video that introduces viewers (and non-subscribers) to what your channel is about.
  • Organize Your Videos and Create Playlists: There are now more options to customize and present a unique image/lifestyle for your brand and channel.
  • Prominent Social Media Links: links to your social media accounts are more prominent than ever, promoting a more social experience.

So what does this all mean? YouTube is expanding beyond just hosting videos and committing to improving the viewer experience and how they interact with brands while they are on the site.  You can see how all these changes encourage one thing – for viewers to subscribe to a channel!  Which makes a lot of sense, now that YouTube is talking about launching paid channels.  The average worth of a subscription is sure to go up.

I’ve switched over a few of my clients’ accounts to the new layout – and I can tell you that the transition was painful; mostly because the new template layout is so difficult to satisfy.  Given most viewers will only see the 1280 x 350 pixel logo safe area, the template still requires you to select an image that is as big as 2120 x 1192 pixels to meet the TV requirements.  Personally, it was difficult to find an image with the main subject within the logo safe area but yet big enough to fit the TV requirements.  More experimentation will be required – that’s for sure!


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