This is Water – Wisdom from David Foster Wallace

I didn’t know about this commencement address by the late author David Foster Wallace until I read about it in an Adweek article.  Even though the video was only posted 4 days ago on May 6th, it has already gotten over 2.9 million views.  The success of this video can be attributed equal parts to stunning visuals and a powerful message – the perfect formula for going viral!  The production team perfectly executed this video to not only draw you in… but to keep you thirsting for more.  Because really, when was the last time you willingly watched a 10 minute video? That is the difference between a video that pulls you in – and one that pushes information at you.

Beyond that, DFW’s words just rang true to my ears.  There is something to be said about making the right choices day in, day out – when routine and frustrations can rule the day.  It takes much more effort to see through the bad to find the good. This video definitely had me thinking… and re-examining my own point of view.



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