My 3 Must Have Apps for Working Out

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with running.  I’ve signed up for a marathon in July (and by “marathon”, I really mean Color Me Rad – a 5 km run where bystanders get to throw colour bombs at you as you run by :D Check out the website for more information!). It’s not a real marathon per se, but nonetheless, it was the perfect motivator for me to get into shape and to commit to finishing the whole 5 km with decent time.

This of course means that I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym and on the treadmill!  Here are the 3 apps that I’ve been using at the gym to help me get my fitness on:

Songza App

App: Songza

Songza is a brilliant music streaming app that gives you playlist recommendations based on the time of day, your mood or activity.  I always look forward to being able to use the “At the Gym” category while I am there.  Their “Drop-A-Beat Workout” and “Euro Dance Workout” playlists have definitely sustained me on many a runs!

Nike+ Running Club

App: Nike+ Running

I love Nike+ Running. This app has all the features that a runner would need – GPS tracking, distance and speed tracking, calorie counter, and time tracking.  As you’re running, it gives you regular updates of your progress aannnd it tracks your progress over time.  You also earn goals for reaching milestones – which is probably the feature I love the most!  They definitely keep me pushing ahead to try to break my own records. You can even add friends – a little competition never hurt anyone, right?

Nike Training Club

App: Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is a women’s training app full of workout plans. You can choose complete workout plans that are 45 minutes in length based on your level of fitness or you can choose by a target area.  As you log more time and reach milestones, you’re rewarded with bonus workout plans curated by top American athletes or exclusive access to promotions and recipes.

It used to be that the time at the gym was time away from my phone – not true anymore!  These apps have been so great and have kept me motivated to push myself a little bit harder with each gym visit.  If you haven’t tried these, go and download them now!


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