Boosting Website Conversion Rates

Boosting website conversion rateOne of the most important website performance metrics for me is the “Conversion Rate”.  Now that you’ve attracted the visitor to your website, you want to turn them into a customer… and to do that, you have to educate them, build a relationship with them and entice them enough to take action on your site.  A conversion can be an online purchase, a contact form or consultation request, a newsletter sign-up, ad clicks or a request for information.

Identifying conversion opportunities is probably a blog for another day but what I find most difficult is optimizing these conversion opportunities. Several of my clients are attracting great traffic to their site but not receiving the leads. Conversion rate is low.

So in my research and experiments on how to optimize conversion opportunities, I have discovered the following:

  • Simple Might Not be the Best: Being too vague does not peak curiosity.  Hiding too much information might deter visitors from taking action if they think there might be a catch involved.
  • Being Too Obvious is Not Good Either: big and flashy buttons or “too obvious” buttons have not worked for me either. I guess it’s never good to speak down to your audience. Oops!
  • Don’t be Afraid to List the Price: sometimes, advertising the price upfront is a good thing. Visitors like transparency.
  • Colours Matter: my mistake was sticking to the company’s colours for the CTA’s. Using unexpected colours (even red) can draw attention to the right spots and urge visitors to take action.
  • Fewer options, Higher Conversions: there should be one good offer (max two). Giving the visitor three (or more) offers to choose from will just overwhelm them. Plus who has the space for that…
  • Test Test and Test: there’s no way to find out what your audience is sensitive to until you try out different options. Conduct A/B Testing (1 variable change at a time will give you the best understanding) and keep track of the stats. Google Analytics’ “In Page Analytics” feature has been really helpful to me in identifying the CTA’s that don’t work and replacing them.

Of course, your website content also plays a big part in your conversion rate. Your content should do its job by building a relationship with the visitor.  Looks like I have my work cut out for me…

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