MozCon Recap 1

The first weeks back from holidays are always the hardest! Between catching up on work (and there was lots of that), catching up on sleep (my flight was 2.5 hours late on Sunday, which meant I did not get home until 4:30 am Monday) and catching my breath – this week has been a very hectic one!

Still, surprizingly, I’ve had lots of time to think about MozCon and everything that I’ve learned! During my drives to and from work, before falling asleep… these were the times when my best ideas came to me! :)

Me and Roger MozConShift from SEO to Inbound Marketing

This one is not new. I think we’ve know this for quite some time.  What I learned at the conference though is the idea that when you build community around your brand, you will naturally earn the inbound links and mentions that you need to rank well.  And if you build great content, you will attract quality links and be seen as an authority. Bottom line is that every activity we take on should add value for the users.

Building that One-On-One Relationship

MozCon really challenged my approach to marketing.  There was one topic that almost every one of the speakers touched on – and that was the shift in focus to the customer.  One of my favourite presentations was from Joanna Lord, who is now the CMO of Big Door.  She said that in the past, marketing has been a one-on-one relationship. The company is able to tailor their messaging to speak specifically to the customer.  What she said after really hit me – she said “But we don’t live there anymore.”  Whether it is because of a lack of resources, a need for growth or for whatever reason, that kind of marketing is just not possible anymore.  So the challenge for me is, how can we create that one-on-one relationship with customers in today’s world?

Mastering SERPs

Dr. Pete said “Google’s job is not to build the perfect, fair environment, their job is to model the real world.”  In his presentation, he talked about 85 different search results page features. Carousel, knowledge graph, map, Top 7 pack… and the only way to succeed in SEO now is to have Google recognize your brand as a brand entity.  And engagement, authorship, social, content – all of these have to work together to achieve brand equity. If you optimize your site and content for users, you will be optimizing for Google.

Joanna Lord and Dr. Pete were two of my favourite talks.  I also really enjoyed Dana DiTomaso when she talked about working with teeny tiny budgets and small businesses, and Mackenzie Fogelson’s presentation on thinking bigger and outside of the box.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to put together another recap blog soon!

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    1. @danaditomaso Dana, I work with small to medium sized business everyday and it’s a constant struggle to try to do everything I want to do but with their tiny budgets. You were incredible! You left me with some great ideas to implement for my clients. Thank you!

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