Remembering 9/11

Today is 9/11.  This year, the significance of this day means even more to me.  I talked about visiting New York in my blog post from a few days ago.  New York not only inspired me but it also filled me with great energy and excitement. What a special city!  While I was there, I had the opportunity to walk around the financial district and walk by Ground Zero.  I didn’t get to go inside to see the memorial.  On my next visit, when the memorial has been completed, I will visit for sure.

It was so surreal to be so close to where the towers were.  We were fortunate to have had such nice weather when we visited – on the day we were there, it was clear skies and sunny.  Seeing the Freedom Tower there, against the bright blue sky only made me think more of how chaotic it must have been there 12 years ago and what a stark contrast I was experiencing.

2013-08 New York(NY Skyline, Freedom Tower and Tribute to the Firefighters in New York)

This is a very sad day – and one that should not be exploited for whatever reason!  Being a marketer, it makes me cringe to see some of the tweets from companies on this day.  By now, you’ve probably heard of the tweet from AT&T (which has since been removed).  Here are some other examples (some, very cringe worthy).  Esquire Magazine had the worst tweet (WORST) by far.  I think a simple message of reflection, in support of those still suffering would suffice – no self promotion, no selling. Period.


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