TV Spot: Giving

These Thai commercials always get me!

This one is the latest from True Corporation, a telecommunications conglomerate from Thailand.  The spot is titled “Giving” and tells the story of a man being rewarded for a lifetime of good deeds and generosity.  The video is three minutes long, but the story is so moving and captivating that you can’t help but watch till the very end.  I can’t help but remember another Thai commercial that had a similar effect on me a few years back.  That one was from Thai Life Insurance and told the story of the hardship and bond between a father and daughter.  After 2 years, I still remember that story and the impact it had on me.

I have no doubt this video will leave a similar (and lasting) impression on me.  This one will find its way to the Cannes Lions list of best commercials for sure!

Campaign: Giving
Agency: N/A
Client: True Corporation
Industry: Telecommunications

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