BBM’s Comeback

BBM for Android & iOS - Download BlackBerry Messenger with BBM Video & Screen Share - Canada

So apparently BlackBerry is making BBM available to both Android and iOS users!   The app will be available for download from Google Play for Androids on Sept 21.  iOS users will have to wait one more day to download it from the App Store on Sept 22nd.  See the official Press Release here. Are you excited for it?

Personally, the excitement around BBM has long ended for me.  By the time I got rid of my BlackBerry (it was Curve by the way…), most of my friends had already left the BBM world for other messaging platforms.  I loved the instant send and read notifications, I’m not sure it will be enough to draw me back.  I’m an avid Whatsapp user now – I communicate with most of my out of town friends this way!  I love the fact that it can automatically add contacts for me once I have their phone numbers.  I’m not sure I require the separation of phone and pin number!

I think had this happened even 3 years ago, it would’ve generated a lot more interest.  BBM – I’m curious to see how you’re received!

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