Holland is the Original Cool – Just Watch the Videos


I just got back from a fabulous 2 week vacation in Europe! My first stop was in Amsterdam. Truth be told, Amsterdam had not made my list of “top 10 cities to visit” but since a friend had moved there for a 3 month work term, I saw it as the perfect excuse to visit and to see more of Europe!

I had 2 days to explore the city, navigate the canals, eat lots of cheese, drink lots of Heineken, get in the way of cyclists and of course, to people watch!  Amsterdam has lots to offer and is definitely worthwhile to visit for a few days. It’s not a city with a lot to see but there is definitely a lot to do.  Unfortunately, I think many people tend to leave it off their trip itineraries – opting instead for more popular locations like London, Paris or Barcelona.  So how do you compete with those bigger (and more popular) destinations?

By making videos like these!

Holland. The Original Cool

Everything Hip… is from Holland!

Their website is pretty neat too.  Now, don’t you want to be hip and visit Holland?

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