Generation Wanderlust – easyJet Ad

The highlight of my trip was London.  Yes, Paris was very beautiful – but London won my heart!  I knew it as soon as I arrived at St Pancras Station that I would love the city.  Talk about love at first sight!

One of the things I did often in London was ride the tube.  We stayed near Baron’s Court which meant that the daily commute to central London was about 30 minutes each way, plus getting between sites here and there – we actually spent quite a bit of our time in London underground!  This of course meant I had plenty of time to study all the advertising on the trains and in the stations.

Maybe its the travel junkie in me but I absolutely loved the “Generation easyJet” ads!  (See the campaign page here)

“The I can’t wait to go generation.
The early riser for the morning cab, last minute packing, full of excitement generation.
The head first into water, wine or work generation.
The nip over, seal the deal, back for story time generation.
The walk until you’re lost, find a quaint spot, strangers become friends generation.
The we’ve been coming here for years, but still fall in love generation.
The I don’t want to go home, let’s stay longer generation.
The back at the office, staring out the window, let’s do it all again generation.
The everyone doing it their way generation.
The more places, more choices, more often generation.

This is generation easyJet.”

I think it’s so valuable for companies to think beyond products, services and the hard sell!  Think instead about the problems your products or services can solve for your customers and what value they bring to your customers’ lives. In the case of easyJet, they recognize that their goal is not to just fly planes but to make travel possible for their customers – whatever the occasion (or lack of occasion) is – whether it’s bringing families together or making adventures possible. This is their “Why” in their Golden Circle :)

Here are a few more of their other ads:

Generation easyJet

Generation easyJet

And one from Valentines Day:


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