Cheeky. Clever Marketing in London

I had previously talked about my trip to London, a city I’m absolutely in love with! From the minute the trained pulled into St Pancras, I knew it was a city that I could relate to and find inspiration from.  As a marketer, I was amazed by all the cheeky marketing messages I saw everywhere. For example, this was a drink I had from Pret a Manger:

Pret a Manger Advertising
2013-10-09 23.13.04

First of all – who wouldn’t want to try Yoga Bunny Detox (sparkling too!).  Second, it was something as simple as a “No Nasties” declaration on the back that caught my eye. Brilliant!  Who wants to say “No preservatives” when you can say “No Nasties”!

Sometimes, marketing can be as simple as this – saying things differently, giving your brand personality and gaining your consumers’ trust as a result.

Ah, I love London.

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