Google Authorship – I’ve Waited Long Enough for You!

Woke up earlier this week to this surprise in my inbox –

Google Authorship

I’ve been waiting for this email since Google announced they were integrating Google+ with the authorship program back in September.  I was excited for the change but knew I had to wait since the roll-out was gradual. I had been manually adding mark up to all my blog entries with the hope of having my picture show up beside my blog post in search results. The problem with that was that it was not consistent – sometimes it would show up, other times it wouldn’t, even though Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool recognized the markup.

There’s been so much talk about authorship and why you should claim it.  The purpose of the Google Authorship Program is to be able to properly attribute original content to its creators.  Through the program, Google is able identify the thought leaders and experts in each field and their work will be tied to their profile rather than the site they distribute their content through.  Since Google’s goal is to serve up quality sites, having expert (quality) content should then improve your overall ranking in the search results, right? I guess then, the challenge is still to prove whether or not you’re an expert… (I’ll save that for another blog post!)

Google is also reportedly reducing the amount of rich snippets and Authorship shown in search results by 15%.  First some good news, then some bad news. I guess I will just have to see for myself whether Authorship makes a difference!

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