“I Do” – Google Nexus 5

It’s Friday! (TGIF)

Saw this today and wanted to share: After months of leaks and rumours (probably both intentional and unintentional), Google has finally launched the long awaited Nexus 5!

I love this video (I admit, I always tend fall for the sappy ones!).  Have you noticed the approach Apple, Samsung, and Google have all been taking in their marketing lately?  Whether the ads have been funny, sentimental or daring, the approach is the same – they talk more about how these phones will integrate into a person’s daily life rather than all the technical aspects.  From the video, you really don’t find out much about the Nexus 5, but if its purpose was to peak my interest – that certainly was successful!  (Once the interest is there, people will find the information they need on their own anyway. Right?)

As an aside, did you know the camera lens on the new Nexus 5 is supposed to be able to move within the camera to account for movement?   HDR+ functionality and Auto Awesome functionalities also make it easier to take good pictures, or apply enhancements like animations, panoramas, photo booth effects.  I might not need that Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom after all…

Nexus 5

Can’t wait to get my hands on one to see how the phone handles!

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