Virgin America Wants Your Full Attention

Talk about brands saying things differently, showing personality and gaining consumers’ trust – here is another great example of a brand taking something very mundane and making it fun!

Virgin America Safety VideoI love travelling – but there are certain things about flying that I find so tedious!  Crowds of people, going through customs, and line-ups (not to mention the endless waiting for everything from food to bathrooms to boarding) are at the top of my list.  In flight safety announcements are another part of flying that I’ve learned to tune out.  Buckles, life vests, exits and no smoking – got it the first time around, thank you very much.

Recognizing that the mandated safety instructions are so mundane for most people, Virgin America decided to do things a little differently. They have released a safety video that is set to hip hop music, complete with dancing, a singing nun and child rappers. Completely wacky – but awesomely effective!

Virgin America recognized an area of the in flight experience that was lacking and turned it into a key branding opportunity.  They stayed true to their brand and delivered something that was different, refreshing and “share worthy”.  This has me thinking… where can I inject a bit of humour and fun in my sales funnels, and where are the opportunities for branding and outreach?

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