London Lights

Maybe, just one last post about London…

Picadilly Circus is one of the most visited tourist locations in London. Being a marketer in London, of course I made my way down there!  The circus is just bustling with activity – from all the pedestrians, people resting by Eros, double decker buses passing by and endless streams of cars, there is no shortage of activity. And yet, there was also something so laid back about everyone being there, doing their own thing and yet contributing to the energy.  I will be perfectly honest and tell you that I had to take a moment, do a 360 to take it all in (so very touristy of me).


London Advertising IMG_1141-002

Piccadilly CircusCourtesy of Piccadilly Lights (Find more information at

Unlike New York’s Time Square, only one building in the circus is covered with electronic LED screens. There are distinctly five different advertisers that occupy that space (known currently as Piccadilly Lite) – Coca Cola, Samsung, TDK, McDonalds, and Hyundai.  The list is not so long, and not so difficult to remember. A few tid bits:

  • Coca Cola has had the longest continuous presence at Picadilly Circus – they have been there since 1955.
  • Over 50 brands have appeared in Piccadilly Circus in the span of 100 years
  • 50% of visitors to Picadilly Circus are from outside of the UK, with the top 5 countries being USA, France, Germany, Italy and Spain
  • There is a weekly audience of over 2 million people
  • In winter of 2013, a 6th advertising spot will be opened up when the revamp of the current space is launched as “One Piccadilly” (You can see the installation taking place in the my picture above)
  • New comer Hyundai, who only took over its current spot in 2011, is reportedly paying £2 million for its spot

I do appreciate that the advertising here is not overdone. Even with all the people watching possible :) the spotlight is still on the five advertisers which is a way better value than say, advertising in New York if their goal is to have high recollection of ads.  With just one spot still available, aren’t you curious to know which brand will take the coveted spot?

For more information on advertising in Piccadilly Circus, you can also visit this neat little website.

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