British Airways Billboards of the Future

You know you’re in marketing when you appreciate something like this:

British Airways Billboard

Campaign: Look Up
Agency: Ogilvy 12th Floor
Client: British Airways

This is the latest campaign from British Airways called “Look Up”, featuring an interactive billboard which shows young kids looking up and pointing each time a British Airways airplane flies by. Custom built surveillance technology tracks and recognizes British Airways flights passing by.   Information specific to the plane (including its origin, and flight number) are displayed in real time to highlight the list of British Airways destinations around the world.  Currently, there are two of these billboards – one in Piccadilly Circus and the other in Chiswick. What a shame this went up a month after my trip to London!

According to Abigail Comber, head of marketing for British Airways “This is a first, not just for British Airways but for UK advertising. We all know from conversations with friends and family that we wonder where the planes are going and dream of an amazing holiday or warm destination. The clever technology allows this advert to engage people there and then and answer that question for them.We hope it will create a real ‘wow’ and people will be reminded how amazing flying is and how accessible the world can be.”

What an amazing breakthrough in outdoor advertising! This is the next generation of billboards – and I imagine, pretty soon we will be seeing more of these real time, interactive billboards with the ability to customize messaging and delivery for each individual.  Billboards like these will also be more relevant because they will be able to address viewers’ immediate questions or needs.  What if one day, you can shop from a billboard?   Wouldn’t that be so convenient?

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