Month: December 2013

Cannes Lions Top Picks

Yesterday, I finally got to go to the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity at my local art gallery.  I had been looking forward to going for weeks! I remember attending last year and feeling so pumped and inspired after – the commercials had me tearing up, giggling, or in total awe or jealousy that someone somewhere got to work on such a good campaign.

Overall, this year’s selection of commercials were not as memorable as last year’s! There were no real ‘tear jerkers’ (good thing I guess since I forgot to bring tissue) and while some were funny, they were not as witty.  There were quite a few that were more risque, probably chosen for their art direction and craft (definitely this one  for Credit Suisse titled Metamorphosis and Han Kjøbenhavn Menswear for their AW collection 2012 – so strange!) Lady Gaga’s ‘film’ for her perfume Fame was just bizarre and over the top…and bizarre.

There were a few that I liked.  Of all the winners, here are a few of my favourites:

Title: Pals
Advertiser: Robinsons
Product: Robinsons Orange Squash
Agency: BBH London (United Kingdom)

Title: Jogger
Advertiser: Nike
Product: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (Portland, USA)

Title: Bulgaria | Travel Yourself Interesting
Advertiser: Expedia
Product: Expedia
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (London, United Kingdom)
*There’s 2 more to this campaign!

And of course, I love these ones too (who doesn’t) – Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, KMart’s Ship My Pants and the funny ones from DirectTV Motorcycle, Hawk, Bears and Horses.  Told you I was a marketing geek.

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Monday Inspiration

mondayIt’s getting closer and closer to Christmas – which, coincidentally also means a week long holiday for me! Before I get there though, I have to get through this last week of work.  Things are starting to pile up, deadlines are looming, and when I left on Friday, my to-do list was spanning at least 2 pages.

So before I get started today, I’m going to repeat this little mantra in my head: “We have to choose joy and keep choosing it”. It’s all about perspective :)

Happy Monday!


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Christmas Giving: The WestJet Way

I love Christmas – in part because of all the wonderful advertising and initiatives that this special time of year inspires :)

The ad that won my heart (and the Internet) today is from Canadian airline, WestJet.  I’ve always had great experiences flying with them and today, they just became my airline of choice in Canada!  With the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports across Canada, retail partners and even Santa himself – 250 lucky travellers on two Calgary-bound flights got to experience some modern day Christmas miracles.

WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving
Created by: WestJet with studio M

The video is part of WestJet’s Christmas Miracle campaign – which is about having fun and helping spread the Christmas joy. Same as last year, WestJet pledge to donate free flights through their community investment program to a family in need if the video hits 200,000 views.  Happy to report that the current view count is close to 500,000!

How amazing that WestJet decided to do something so special this holiday season.  It’s so impressive to see a company as big as WestJet give back to the community, and in such a creative way too!  Whether this video brought a smile to your face (or tears to your eyes), it’s sure to have made an impact.  So, if you enjoyed watching – be sure to share!

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Santa Loves Cookie Balls

Oreo advertising makes me laugh!  Here is the latest ad / song from the same agency that brought us “Wonderfilled”:

Oreo Cookie Ball Song Feat. JINX
Agency: The Martin Agency
Client: Oreo

I love how much fun they are having with these songs. They are memorable, fun and different – no annoying jingles here!  I was left oddly intrigued by the  idea of these cookie balls (or cookie “bawwls” according to JINX :D) but as it turns out, they are not actually an Oreo product!  You make them yourself by crushing Oreo cookies and mixing the crumbs with cream cheese, then dipping them into chocolate. (YUM!) What a great way to turn a non-holiday snack into a ‘balliday’ favourite, have some fun – and stay on holiday grocery shopping lists.

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