Santa Loves Cookie Balls

Oreo advertising makes me laugh!  Here is the latest ad / song from the same agency that brought us “Wonderfilled”:

Oreo Cookie Ball Song Feat. JINX
Agency: The Martin Agency
Client: Oreo

I love how much fun they are having with these songs. They are memorable, fun and different – no annoying jingles here!  I was left oddly intrigued by the  idea of these cookie balls (or cookie “bawwls” according to JINX :D) but as it turns out, they are not actually an Oreo product!  You make them yourself by crushing Oreo cookies and mixing the crumbs with cream cheese, then dipping them into chocolate. (YUM!) What a great way to turn a non-holiday snack into a ‘balliday’ favourite, have some fun – and stay on holiday grocery shopping lists.

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