Cannes Lions Top Picks

Yesterday, I finally got to go to the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity at my local art gallery.  I had been looking forward to going for weeks! I remember attending last year and feeling so pumped and inspired after – the commercials had me tearing up, giggling, or in total awe or jealousy that someone somewhere got to work on such a good campaign.

Overall, this year’s selection of commercials were not as memorable as last year’s! There were no real ‘tear jerkers’ (good thing I guess since I forgot to bring tissue) and while some were funny, they were not as witty.  There were quite a few that were more risque, probably chosen for their art direction and craft (definitely this one  for Credit Suisse titled Metamorphosis and Han Kjøbenhavn Menswear for their AW collection 2012 – so strange!) Lady Gaga’s ‘film’ for her perfume Fame was just bizarre and over the top…and bizarre.

There were a few that I liked.  Of all the winners, here are a few of my favourites:

Title: Pals
Advertiser: Robinsons
Product: Robinsons Orange Squash
Agency: BBH London (United Kingdom)

Title: Jogger
Advertiser: Nike
Product: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (Portland, USA)

Title: Bulgaria | Travel Yourself Interesting
Advertiser: Expedia
Product: Expedia
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (London, United Kingdom)
*There’s 2 more to this campaign!

And of course, I love these ones too (who doesn’t) – Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, KMart’s Ship My Pants and the funny ones from DirectTV Motorcycle, Hawk, Bears and Horses.  Told you I was a marketing geek.

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