Looking Back for a Moment…at 2013

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

It’s been a few days into the New Year, and I realize I am a little late on the “recap entry”. Better late than never, right? I realized today that I do want to write a recap entry because there were a lot of lessons learned in 2013 that I should take time to reflect on.  2013 was a year of learning, of putting my toe in and testing the waters, and of pushing boundaries.  I admit that at times, the challenges and the uphill climbs were a bit too much to bear but while that journey was long and hard, I can now say I’ve survived the climb with a few battle scars to show off too!

So, taking a moment to reflect on a few lessons and accomplishments from the year:

  1. Website Launches – I launched a record number of sites in 2013; and I was proud of a record number of them too! In terms of web design, understanding user experience, lead generation and applying the concepts of inbound marketing, I feel this past year I have grown ten-fold.  Getting to dig deep into each of these areas to create a beautiful design that can achieve all that makes me very happy.
  2. Strategy – not only have I expanded my marketing knowledge, I have also developed a stronger business acumen.  I am better equipped to help my clients with their business challenges – through development and execution of marketing strategies.
  3. MozCon – definitely one of my highlights of the year! I still can’t believe I got to attend one of the best SEO/inbound marketing conferences in the industry.  Getting to meet Rand was an absolutely treat. I was also introduced to many other industry leaders at the conference. It was such an amazing time and I walked away feeling so inspired and proud to be a marketer during such an exciting time.
  4. Taking Off the Training Wheels – this year, we lost two very much valued members of our team.  The two of them brought so much to the company, and we didn’t know what we lost until they were gone!  But it was also the perfect opportunity for me to step up and finally trust in my own abilities.  It was time to take off the training wheels once and for all.  It was scary at first, but the door is wide open for me now to be the kind of marketer that I want to be!
  5. Lessons of Life – and finally this year, I learned how important it is to take care of myself first.  Although not marketing-related, this is an important lesson for any business person (or anybody for that matter) to learn.  Take care of yourself, take time to do the things that make you happy – so that you can be prepared and receptive to all the wonderful things that can happen.

Here’s to a great 2014!  I hope that this new year will bring more lessons and growth, joy and passion, courage and acceptance!

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