Apple is Defining its Own Verse

Fullscreen capture 19012014 102512 PM.bmp

This latest spot from Apple is just beautiful.  With this one spot, Apple returns to the characteristics that they are known for – poetry, beauty, romance, love and most of all passion.   What’s unusual about this spot is that it features a voice and verse that we are all familiar with – the beautiful and powerful speech spoken by Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society about the value of poetry and being a contributor to your own ‘powerful play’.

Since this spot debuted online, there has been a lot of negative commentary – especially questioning why Apple chose to borrow from a film rather than express its own words.  What I think is this – the verse is beautiful and it perfectly describes Apple’s vision for the future.  Apple was never just about the electronic and the device – it was always about being a part of their users’ lives, changing the way they lived – and as a result, how they viewed the world.  This perfectly brings us back to what’s most important.

Could Apple have achieved the same effect if they had written their own material?  Probably – but I just can’t get over how beautiful the amalgamation of sound and imagery really was.

Watch Apple’s latest for the iPad Air:

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