Getting to Know an Olympian

I’ve been glued to the television lately, watching Sochi 2014 Olympics coverage non-stop whenever I can! These games have always brought out the competitive patriot in me and it fills me with great pride every time a Canadian takes the podium.  Winter Olympics are definitely where our Canadians athletes shine. (The official Twitter account of the Canadian Olympics Team was definitely right on the mark when they coined the hashtag #WeAreWinter.)

A few days ago, I was watching coverage of the women’s figure skating short program when a feature came on about Kaetlyn Osmond, the newest star in Canadian ladies’ figure skating.  The feature called “The Olympians” is a short 3 minute profile of Osmond and documents her journey to becoming a Olympic athlete (and champion!) in Sochi.

Here is the clip from CBC Sports:

Getting to see Osmond as an individual and knowing her story really changed how I perceived her. Instead of being just a Canadian athlete in the crowd – she was Kaetlyn Osmond, the 17-year old figure skater from Newfoundland who loved being the centre of attention. When she dazzled on the ice, she made me even more proud as a Canadian.  I was cheering for her and holding my breath.  When she struggled and especially when she fell, I was devastated.  These emotions came to me stronger because… I felt like I knew her.

This is the power of a story.  A good story is one that your audience can enjoy.  A great story is one that they can feel a part of.  This of course, reminds me of the quote from Seth Godin that I had previously wrote about.  “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”  What a difference those 3 minutes made – just like that, Kaetlyn Osmond went from being an unknown to a name that I won’t forget.  (Great job, Kaetlyn on your silver medal! Go Canada Go!)

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