Elements of a Good Story

Storytelling in Marketing

I am taking a Communications course right now as part of my certificate in Project Management.  One of the effective communication methods that we examined was storytelling!  We learned that storytelling can be a great way to get a point across, convey facts and promote feel good, buy in and stickiness.

Well, I didn’t need my textbook to teach me that – I already know that from marketing!

It did, however, make me think more on how I can write a more compelling story.  Anyone can tell a story – but how do you make sure you keep your audience listening until your story ends? For that, I guess we will have to go back to the basics of storytelling.  Here are the elements that every story requires:

  1. An event: something must happen to launch the story
  2. A protagonist: a main character that your audience can relate to and get behind
  3. Obstacles and Conflict: what are the challenges that your protagonist faces? What are the problems that your products or services solve?
  4. A Decision: how does your protagonist react to solve their problem?
  5. A Result: what is the result of their decision? What is the ending that you want to leave your audience with?  What action do you want to inspire your audience to take?

Add in vibrant and rich details to keep your audience entranced.  Keep in mind that most consumers today are savvy and knowledgeable so make sure your story is based on fact rather than fiction.

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