A Quick Post on Oscar Night

It’s the Oscars tonight!  I will be tuning in periodically in between study sessions to catch just the highlights.  I’m not a big follower of celebrity blogs or entertainment news so I haven’t been seeing all the pre-Oscar coverage at all.  Of all places today, it was my Instagram feed that was full of Oscar talk!

From Jean at extrapetite:



From Mary at The Classy Cubicle:



I kept seeing these red packages from the different fashion bloggers I follow and it got me very curious about Banana Republic’s sudden aggressive outreach into the blogosphere.

Turns out, Banana Republic is hosting live Red Carpet coverage on their YouTube channel and these packages were sent out to drum up interest and send fashion lovers to their channel.   It’s definitely something very out of the ordinary for the brand.  I don’t remember the last time they inserted themselves so aggressively into popular culture.  It certainly is a very different approach to asserting their brand and their relevance into today’s fashion scene.

This all has me thinking… there are so many more communication mediums that are available to us today.  Marketing is about identifying your target and going where they are.  If they are on Twitter, you get on Twitter.  If they are on Facebook, you make sure you are active on Facebook.  And if they are going to be watching the Oscars on March 2nd…you make sure you are there with live Red Carpet coverage!

This certainly is another form of real time marketing! I’m excited to see Banana Republic try something different and I hope it pays off for them! I wouldn’t mind seeing what they do next!

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