5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing More Interesting

content marketing tips

I admit, some days it is a struggle to develop interesting content for the websites I manage. There is a lot of ‘wordsmithing’ to make boring tedious information seem interesting and engaging for visitors.  After all, did you know that the average attention span of web users is now only 8 seconds? 8…seconds?

These days, I rarely ‘dump’ copy on a webpage as is.  I break up the text with banner images that span the width of the page or Call to Action boxes within the text or at the bottom of the page.  While bulleted lists are a common way to lay out information in an organized way, on the web I find them boring and outdated.  I often apply the ‘zig zag’ approach where I alternate between text and images instead to illustrate the points.

Here are a few creative (and interesting) ways to make your content more interesting:


I love Infographics for conveying complex information or stats-heavy information.  An infographic is a visual graphic presentation of information or data.  The infographics that you see now are so visually compelling, it makes learning look fun and easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Think about the questions that you have received from your customers in the past. If one customer had that question, chances other customers present and future will encounter the same issue.  Keep track of the customer inquiries you have and save the responses you send to your customers as valuable content for your website.

How to Guides

When it is appropriate, How to Guides can be very helpful to your customers.  If you want to be seen as an expert in your field, How to Guides can also help demonstrate that expertise.  Remembering that people only share what they find entertaining or valuable, offering this content freely to your customers can help increase engagement and shareability of your site.

Product Demonstration Videos  

Instead of writing out product descriptions or step by step tutorials, sometimes it is more effective to let your customers see the product in action.  With Vine or Instagram video, these demonstration videos can even be as short as 8 or 15 seconds!

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews can make great blog entries.  It gives your audience the chance to hear from a voice other than yours and it can increase your expertise level by associating with other experts in the field.

Hope these ideas help when you are experiencing marketer’s block!

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