New Generation of Online Ads

Earlier this month, Yahoo made a big (and in my opinion, very exciting announcement)! From the Yahoo Advertising Blog:

Today, we are excited to introduce Yahoo Motion Ads, a new ad format that brings images to life, helping brands tell more engaging stories and drive greater awareness with their target audiences.

The new ads use high-quality brand images with subtle animation to create high-impact experiences for advertisers that are equally entertaining for readers. Yahoo Motion Ads are initially available within the creative canvas of our Billboard Ad on the Yahoo homepage, our vertical category homepages, and the Yahoo login page.

Kraft was chosen to the the launch advertiser of this new ad format.  Below is their ad on the Yahoo login page:

Specs for the ad: here

This is the next generation of online rich media advertising!  The motion is the GIF ad definitely sets its apart from standard online PPC ads or banner ads. This brings to mind the Cinemagraphs that were popular a few years back with advertisers.  I cannot wait to see what the big brands do and how they will utilize this new format for advertising!  Imagine the possibilities – the stories you can tell, the images you can bring to life…

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