I Spy…Microsoft Cloud Advertising in Chicago Airport

The Chicago O’ Hare International Airport is usually not my top choice when I have to transit through the States.  The chaos from day to night, the masses of people, the line ups and the waiting – the thought of going through O’ Hare definitely has the ability to make my heart to skip a beat (or two).

On my last trip to New Orleans, I had a 7 hour layover in Chicago.  7 hours is a long time to be stuck in an airport – nothing compared to Viktor Navorski aka Tom Hanks in The Terminal of course but still plenty of time for me to roam around and get lost in airport advertising.  I was stuck in Terminal C for the most part and the ads that caught my eye were the big banners by Microsoft.

Microsoft Cloud Advertising

Microsoft Cloud Advertising

These banners were quite big and were hung high up above the security exits.  The colours were striking and immediately caught my attention even amidst the chaos that is O’ Hare!

Cloud computing has been gaining in popularity in recent times.  Microsoft has maintained a strong hold on enterprise solutions for businesses (true for US and Canada) and these ads were intended to solidify or more likely, introduce Microsoft as a cloud solutions provider to business people and IT professionals.

After some digging, I found the corresponding URL for this Microsoft Cloud campaign.  I was surprised to learn that each ad featured a real client success story that was centred around the Microsoft Cloud services. Above, the first ad was actually about how the cloud helped the Lotus F1 team win the race.  The second is a story of how the City of Barcelona used various Cloud services to run one of the biggest festivals in the city with over 1.5 million guests. The 2 stories together showcases how these real life Microsoft clients were able to utilize the suite of products to their benefit.

Here is the corresponding video for the second ad:

This was an interesting campaign for me to look into.  Seeing the ads peaked my curiosity but when I looked up the site – I was given the big picture and I was surprised at how well Microsoft was able to present their solution and products.  The site itself is well laid out – interactive with many videos to help explain the ‘complex’ ideas behind cloud computing, and when you’re ready for more information, you can dig deeper where you will find more case studies and real life examples.  Finally, when you are ready to share your findings with your team – Microsoft makes it easy for you to share by making a White Paper available for download and email link right from their page.

I have to say – I was pleasantly surprised!


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