Turning 1


Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog!  It feels just like yesterday that I was working on my very first blog post, painstakingly considering every sentence and day dreaming about all the possibilities with every word that I put down.  Now, taking a moment to reflect – I can honestly say, it’s been such a wonderful and fulfilling journey.

This blog has brought me a lot of clarity on my work as a Marketing Strategist.  It has kept me curious; always with my eyes wide opened for signs of creativity, inspirations and blog topic ideas.  Formulating a blog post requires thinking a thought through and doing the background research in order to deliver accurate information.  I’ve learned and gained so much going through this process.

This blog has also allowed me to document some of the wonderful experiences I’ve had along the way – from attending MozCon in Seattle, being inspired by the Brit’s cheeky sense of humour to all the amazing campaigns I see around me everyday, this blog has been my sounding board and my inspiration board all in one.

So…365 days and 78 blogs later, I celebrate an important milestone.  I’m so excited for Year 2!

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