From Twitter to Purchase – Amazon’s New #AmazonCart

Amazon CartI recently read that Amazon has launched a new social shopping feature – one that allows shoppers to add products to their shopping carts while they are still on Twitter!  Currently only available in the US and UK, users can add the products they like to their carts just by tweeting the product link along with the #AmazonCart hashtag.  It’s not quite one step-shopping though – users will need to connect their Twitter and Amazon accounts beforehand and log in after the tweet to complete the purchase.

Amazon has been very straight-forward with their mission in becoming an industry-leader and innovator in the realm of online shopping.  With this new feature, Amazon is aiming to cut the time between the initial desire and purchase while also satisfying the buyers’ needs for instant gratification.  What’s more – those who will use this feature will likely be heavy Twitter users – tech savvy, on trend and early adopters.

Even though this initiative is probably not possible for most of us in small business, there are some interesting lessons to be learned here. Plain and simple, users are looking convenience.  They want to shop the way they want, from whichever site they are on.  They crave instant gratification and simple processes.  For small businesses that are selling online – it is time to rethink the purchasing process on your site.  Some questions to consider:

  • Is it user friendly? Does it appeal to different types of shoppers?
    Just like Amazon is making it easier for their Twitter-using shoppers to shop, how can you improve your site for different types of users?
  • Is the purchasing process simple and convenient? How many steps are in your purchase cycle? Which steps can be eliminated?
    By letting users add products to their shopping carts right from Twitter, Amazon is able to reduce unnecessary steps in their purchase cycle giving users a more seamless and convenient experience.
  • Do you let your shoppers sign in with their Facebook or Google accounts to simplify the sign up process?
    How can you simplify your sign up process so that it is convenient and quick for your shoppers?

This seems like a great first step to creating a social shopping experience.  I look forward to seeing Amazon expand their reach via Twitter…

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