What To Do with Your Thank You Pages

Thank You Pages

I will be the first to admit that I don’t spend a lot of time working on the “Thank You” pages on my websites.  “Thank You” pages are the ones that prospects see after they’ve filled out a form on your site – and if they’ve already turned from prospect to lead, wouldn’t my efforts be better spent on the prospects that are still out there?

Turns out, Thank You pages can be a great way to nurture stronger customer relationships, improve user experience, encourage  pageviews and even to showcase your brand personality. If you’re not using your thank you pages to do all these things – you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to build a more enriching and delightful experience for your visitors.

Nurture Customer Relationships

Instead of using generic “Thank you for your interest” or “We’ve received your submission”, let your new leads know just how grateful you are that they took the time to reach out.  The sales cycle begins right on the thank you pages so show your new leads the type of customer service they can expect from you and your business.

Encourage your new leads to stay in touch by inviting them to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to your blog or to participate in LinkedIn group discussions.

Improve User Experience

Take the time to remind your new leads of the value of the offer.  Thank you pages are perfect opportunities to reiterate the benefits of your offer, products or services and to remind them of the value they are about to receive.  You may also consider adding a testimonial that is complementary to your message. Take them further down the sales cycle.

You can also use thank you pages to “reconvert” your new leads.  Are there other relevant services, webinars or events that might of interest to your new leads? Include another form on the thank you page to encourage deeper commitment to your business.

Encourage Pageviews

Many visitors exit the website after they’ve filled out the form.  Use thank you pages to decrease your site’s bounce rates by inviting your new leads to explore other content on the site.  Add links to relevant blog topics for added value.  Are there pages that your past leads have visited after landing on the thank you pages? Look for hints in your data to help prolong your new lead’s stay.

Showcase Brand Personality

I always love when companies turn boring, mundane pages like thank you pages or 404 errors into something fun, interesting or different!  Consider hiding ‘Easter Egg’s on your thank you pages or including funny messages or imagery to make sure you leads are leaving your site with a smile.


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