Etsy’s Email Marketing Success

Of all the shopping mailing lists that I am a part of, the daily emails from Etsy are the ones I look forward to the most!

I joined Etsy several weeks ago when I was looking for original and unique prints to put up around my home.  I’m usually not much of an online shopper, preferring to touch, feel and see my products before making a purchase but the limited selection in my city led me to give Etsy a try.  First of all – what an amazing idea and outlet for artists around the world to showcase their creativity and originality!  The selection was unbelievable; suddenly, I had access to artists from Thailand to the UK.  I eventually found a print that I loved but even though the process was pain free and unexpectedly fun, after the initial purchase, I wasn’t sure if I would be back again.

Fast forward a few weeks, I have to confess that I’ve been back on the site almost everyday!  And this, I can 100% attribute to the emails I receive from Etsy on a daily basis.  I love what they’ve done with their “Etsy Finds” emails.  Every day features a different theme, different products and shop owners.  Beyond showcasing their products and boosting sales, they have also successfully used the emails to inspire, foster creativity and build a community of artists and admirers.

Take the latest email I received from Etsy with the subject line “Garden of Ideas” (Click to see a web hosted version of the email)

Etsy - Garden of IdeasEtsy - Garden of IdeasEtsy - Garden of IdeasEtsy - Garden of IdeasEtsy - Garden of IdeasEtsy - Garden of IdeasEtsy - Garden of Ideas

The emails were image heavy but organized into themes.  The products featured were on trend and showed you what beautiful products other buyers were looking at.  Etsy also sends emails based on what your network is looking at – which is another way to keep you updated on trends both within your network and around the world!  Each email features a shop and I find myself reading the quotes from the shop owners all the time! Just by having the quote there, I am very much aware that the artists behind these shops are all real people, with passion and love for what they do.  Another great way to help build and foster the sense of community and grassroots feeling.

When I receive these emails, I don’t feel like I’m being sold to.  The emails aren’t telling me there is a 40% off sale that is on until midnight (which can feel like they are screaming at me to buy and buy right now); instead, I am inspired by the artists behind Etsy and motivated to experiment more in my daily life.  I read the artists stories and beyond just looking for products I like, I also look for people and dreams that I want to support.

Great job, Etsy! You’ve quietly and ever so subtly turned me into a real fan.  It’s been a pleasure!


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