Ice Cold Van Damme for Coors Light

Just a short post today to share this hilarious new TV spot I saw from Coors Light featuring, none other than Jean Claude Van Damme.

Following the success of his collaboration with Volvo and his “Epic Split” TV spot, Van Damme has clearly found a new (and very profitable) way to spend his free time!  This time, he teams up with Coors Light to build an entire lodge out of ice… with his bare hands.  He also pulls sleds of ice blocks with his ponytail and chisels ice sculptures with his high kicks, all set to 80’s montage music and made better with his outfit of denim on demin.  Dramatic… I know.

It’s entertaining, it’s fun and it definitely keeps you watching till the very end.  The soundtracks, the Van Damme brand – beers and trailers couldn’t be more different but yet, I still find myself comparing the two!  Is this a good thing?  Will this ad be eclipse by the success of the Volvo stunt?  Or will it benefit from the aftermath of its success?

Either way – it was a fun watch!

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