From Instagram Follower to a Real Customer

Following my last post on social media, I am going to continue on that same topic for just a bit longer!

I wandered into the cutest little stationary shop a few weeks back, while I was out exploring my new surroundings.  Turns out, not only is my new work in the heart of downtown, it is also only a few minutes walk away from the historic district, one of my favourite areas in the city filled with beautiful buildings from the early 1900’s.  Today, it is filled with restaurants, galleries, museums, and quaint little boutiques.

Instagram MarketingI was walking around when I remembered that a shop I started following a few weeks back on Instagram was located in the area.  I had found them while browsing my own feed when a friend showed off a beautiful set of prints that she had purchased from the m.  Unable to remember the address, I set out to explore and find the shop myself.  Since the area consists of only a few blocks, it was not hard to find. I walked in and the store was just as I imagined it after having seen their photos from Instagram (you can tell a lot about a brand’s personality or anybody’s personality really, just by their Instagram feed). The store was filled with beautiful leather bound notebooks, hand drawn calendars, one of a kind prints.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately, I had not planned on spending any money that day so I walked out empty handed.  I’ve gone back to the shop twice now (I have only started working downtown for 4 weeks) and I plan on going back a few more times before the holidays to do some Christmas shopping.

And how did I become so enamoured with this little shop?  It all started with Instagram.

So there. Social media marketing does work.


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