Cannes Lions 2014 Top Picks

It’s been a few weeks since I attended the Cannes Lions screening at my local art gallery.  I’ve re-watched a few of them and wanted to share my favourites from this year’s reel.  There were quite a few from this year’s collection that I liked so here they are:

The following 3 are from Volkswagen.  I thought they were very clever in the way they demonstrated the value and quality of their vehicles.  They didn’t bore you with the safety features or show you how vehicles performed in a closed track – they simply left you curious enough to have you find out for yourself!

Title: Parachute
Advertiser: Volkswagen
Agency: adam&eveDBB

Title: Rope
Advertiser: Volkswagen
Agency: adam&eveDBB

Title: Cage
Advertiser: Volkswagen
Agency: adam&eveDDB

And then there was this one, from The Sunday Times – so clever and put together so seamlessly:

Title: The Sunday Times – Icons
Advertiser: News UK
Product: Newspaper
Agency: Grey London McCann

And since I’ve shared so many Volkswagen commercials already, what’s one more? This is another Volkswagen one, this time from Almapbbdo in Brazil as a send off to the Kombi.  It’s cute, it’s touching and it leaves you wanting a Kombi (even if you’ve never wanted one before when they were still in production):

Title: Kombi Last Wishes
Advertiser: Vokswagen Do Brasil
Product: Volkswagen Bus
Agency: Almapbbdo

I loved this commercial that Apple released last Christmas. It’s touching, especially because technology often has a reputation for isolating people and Apple shows us how it can bring people together instead.  It also helps that it’s beautifully done!

I love how all these commercials were able to evoke emotions in such a short amount of time.  So many great stories too!

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