Brand Coherence Definition

Knowing the Difference Between Brand Coherence & Consistency


In this digital age of information sharing and instantaneous communications, we all know that change can happen pretty quickly. As a brand, it is important to be able to evolve and grow with your customers. This doesn’t just apply to your products or your policies, it should also apply to your brand. (Keeping in mind that your brand is more than just a logo, of course!)

I think that sometimes the idea of a consistent brand is so restrictive. We stop ourselves from doing something that is truly creative, fun and engaging for fear that it is not consistent with the brand.

What’s more important is that there is brand coherence, where the most important elements of the brand stay the same. In this way, we can keep what’s most familiar to our customers and yet still be able to grow and evolve with them and for them. This can open the door to more creative conversations and innovative ideas – and can even bring you closer to your customers.

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