Budweiser Puppy Love Commercials

Puppy Love – Another Budweiser Success

Budweiser does it again!

A beautiful story about an adorable puppy and a Clydesdale with a bond like no other, supported by a strong music selection and warm homey visuals makes for one irresistible commercial!

Titled “Puppy Love”, this Super Bowl commercial is a follow up to last year’s “Brotherhood”.  To be honest, last year’s commercial most definitely had me tearing up! Watch it for yourself here:

The same actor from last year reprises his role as the Clydesdale horse trainer and being set on the same farm, there is a great sense of familiarity right from the beginning.  Comparing the two commercials, both feature compelling and heartwarming storylines.  The fact that they feature adorable puppies and horses, good looking actors and emotional soundtracks certainly helped in creating the  strong emotional impact.  This year’s commercial will no doubt be very well received by the public.

What I’m curious to know is whether these commercials have been successful in generating any additional sales for Budweiser.  The commercials don’t feature any Buds, and no beer bottles can be seen anywhere. The story is the main focus and it is what keeps you watching till the end when the logo is shown.  Airing during the Super Bowl – I think the purpose behind this year’s ad is to once again create buzz and publicity, win a few hearts and build on the strong brand recognition for their name and also, for their Clydesdales.  All of these actions will hopefully keep Budweiser as top of mind as football fans prepare for Sunday’s game.  For consumers that aren’t tied to a specific brand of beer – do you think these commercials will help convert them into Budweiser drinkers??  And for those who already have a preference in beers- are these commercials strong enough to change their allegiance and their taste preference??

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