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What You Don’t Show is Just as Important

When I write, I tend to get very wordy (Probably a skill I picked up while in university, writing papers that had a length requirement :D)  Now a days when I write, I always try to remind myself to be more concise.  Whether I am writing for an email campaign, a mailer or an ad, the challenge for me is figuring how to say more, with less.

With the amount of advertising ‘noise’ consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis, it is more important now than ever before to use short but impactful messaging.  You may only have a few seconds to catch their attention and to get your message across.  Consumers’ attention spans have shortened and it is our job as marketers, to present better content (whether it is more entertaining, meaningful, funny, or educational etc.) in a more concise and succinct manner without compromising on the quality.

I saw these YouTube ads for divorce lawyers the other day – and I must say, they do a brilliant job of saying a lot with very little.  This just goes to show that sometimes, what you don’t show or say can be just as effective in getting the message across.  I will have to remember this for my next email campaign – maybe I should learn to leave more to the imagination!

*Also, when you are watching these videos – just let them play! Don’t believe it when they tell you the video’s been removed :)

Agency: Wing
Advertiser: Esteban Gergely Law



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Cheeky. Clever Marketing in London

I had previously talked about my trip to London, a city I’m absolutely in love with! From the minute the trained pulled into St Pancras, I knew it was a city that I could relate to and find inspiration from.  As a marketer, I was amazed by all the cheeky marketing messages I saw everywhere. For example, this was a drink I had from Pret a Manger:

Pret a Manger Advertising
2013-10-09 23.13.04

First of all – who wouldn’t want to try Yoga Bunny Detox (sparkling too!).  Second, it was something as simple as a “No Nasties” declaration on the back that caught my eye. Brilliant!  Who wants to say “No preservatives” when you can say “No Nasties”!

Sometimes, marketing can be as simple as this – saying things differently, giving your brand personality and gaining your consumers’ trust as a result.

Ah, I love London.

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Follow Up: #MilkEveryMoment

I was driving home from work yesterday when I drove by a new billboard – except it was a layout that I’ve seen before!

Velcro Doesn't Go This Well Together

I love this campaign (see my previous post on the #MilkEveryMoment campaign here) and it actually made my day to see it continue on even though the contest is over.  What a coincidence too, because just a few days ago, as I was flipping through one of the summer issues of the Canadian Living magazine, I saw this:

I love seeing a campaign play out across different mediums like this.  I’ve now seen outdoor advertising, print, social media, web, POS, video and TV components of this campaign.

How awesome would it be to work on a campaign as fun as this one!  The different mediums work seamlessly together, supporting and reinforcing the concept and messaging.  I hope one day I’ll have the opportunity to work on integrated campaigns such as this one!

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