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Ideas For Your Next Video

Video Marketing

Video isn’t just for entertainment anymore.  In fact, online video is increasing in importance and effectiveness when it comes to online purchase decisions.

Did you know that 73% of  adult consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching an online video that explains the product or service beforehand?  Web users today are hungry for information but they don’t necessarily have the time to read through pages of text to find what they need.  It is important to keep navigation easy and intuitive and your content engaging.

Lately, I have been loving videos that are able to tell a story.  I love hearing the company founder, president or executive talk about the company’s history, vision and mission.  For me, understanding their story makes their business or what they do just that much more compelling.  It reminds me of Simon Sinek’s TED Talk ‘Start with the Why’ that I wrote about last year.

Here are a few more creative ideas for your next video:

Instructional or How To Videos

67% of consumers watch instructional videos.  The best instructional videos are the one where the message is clear and delivered in a creative, engaging or humorous way.  Instructional videos allow you to showcase your product or service and appeal to DIYers who can’t wait to try it themselves.

FAQ’s Videos

Keep track of the questions that your customers ask frequently and create a video that answers each question on video – a great way to add value for your customers!

Testimonial Videos

If your customers are willing, create a video of your customers talking about their experience with your company. Let your customers do all the talking!

Keep your budgets low but don’t sacrifice on quality.  But most important of all, don’t aim to go ‘viral’.  Think about your target audience and how you can reach them and help them. You are not aiming for worldwide domination (unless that is your goal, of course…)

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What You Don’t Show is Just as Important

When I write, I tend to get very wordy (Probably a skill I picked up while in university, writing papers that had a length requirement :D)  Now a days when I write, I always try to remind myself to be more concise.  Whether I am writing for an email campaign, a mailer or an ad, the challenge for me is figuring how to say more, with less.

With the amount of advertising ‘noise’ consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis, it is more important now than ever before to use short but impactful messaging.  You may only have a few seconds to catch their attention and to get your message across.  Consumers’ attention spans have shortened and it is our job as marketers, to present better content (whether it is more entertaining, meaningful, funny, or educational etc.) in a more concise and succinct manner without compromising on the quality.

I saw these YouTube ads for divorce lawyers the other day – and I must say, they do a brilliant job of saying a lot with very little.  This just goes to show that sometimes, what you don’t show or say can be just as effective in getting the message across.  I will have to remember this for my next email campaign – maybe I should learn to leave more to the imagination!

*Also, when you are watching these videos – just let them play! Don’t believe it when they tell you the video’s been removed :)

Agency: Wing
Advertiser: Esteban Gergely Law



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This is Water – Wisdom from David Foster Wallace

I didn’t know about this commencement address by the late author David Foster Wallace until I read about it in an Adweek article.  Even though the video was only posted 4 days ago on May 6th, it has already gotten over 2.9 million views.  The success of this video can be attributed equal parts to stunning visuals and a powerful message – the perfect formula for going viral!  The production team perfectly executed this video to not only draw you in… but to keep you thirsting for more.  Because really, when was the last time you willingly watched a 10 minute video? That is the difference between a video that pulls you in – and one that pushes information at you.

Beyond that, DFW’s words just rang true to my ears.  There is something to be said about making the right choices day in, day out – when routine and frustrations can rule the day.  It takes much more effort to see through the bad to find the good. This video definitely had me thinking… and re-examining my own point of view.



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YouTube’s Push Towards Responsive Design

YouTube recently announced the launch of YouTube One Channel – a new design platform that aims to create a more cohesive viewing experience for people, no matter the type of device they are on.  This new layout is responsive – so whether you’re on your TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, your viewing experience will be consistent.  So what else is new?

  • No more background image: instead, YouTube has replaced the background image with a header banner that looks a little different across all devices.
  • Trailer Video: Situated at the top of your channel, this is a feature video that introduces viewers (and non-subscribers) to what your channel is about.
  • Organize Your Videos and Create Playlists: There are now more options to customize and present a unique image/lifestyle for your brand and channel.
  • Prominent Social Media Links: links to your social media accounts are more prominent than ever, promoting a more social experience.

So what does this all mean? YouTube is expanding beyond just hosting videos and committing to improving the viewer experience and how they interact with brands while they are on the site.  You can see how all these changes encourage one thing – for viewers to subscribe to a channel!  Which makes a lot of sense, now that YouTube is talking about launching paid channels.  The average worth of a subscription is sure to go up.

I’ve switched over a few of my clients’ accounts to the new layout – and I can tell you that the transition was painful; mostly because the new template layout is so difficult to satisfy.  Given most viewers will only see the 1280 x 350 pixel logo safe area, the template still requires you to select an image that is as big as 2120 x 1192 pixels to meet the TV requirements.  Personally, it was difficult to find an image with the main subject within the logo safe area but yet big enough to fit the TV requirements.  More experimentation will be required – that’s for sure!