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What You Don’t Show is Just as Important

When I write, I tend to get very wordy (Probably a skill I picked up while in university, writing papers that had a length requirement :D)  Now a days when I write, I always try to remind myself to be more concise.  Whether I am writing for an email campaign, a mailer or an ad, the challenge for me is figuring how to say more, with less.

With the amount of advertising ‘noise’ consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis, it is more important now than ever before to use short but impactful messaging.  You may only have a few seconds to catch their attention and to get your message across.  Consumers’ attention spans have shortened and it is our job as marketers, to present better content (whether it is more entertaining, meaningful, funny, or educational etc.) in a more concise and succinct manner without compromising on the quality.

I saw these YouTube ads for divorce lawyers the other day – and I must say, they do a brilliant job of saying a lot with very little.  This just goes to show that sometimes, what you don’t show or say can be just as effective in getting the message across.  I will have to remember this for my next email campaign – maybe I should learn to leave more to the imagination!

*Also, when you are watching these videos – just let them play! Don’t believe it when they tell you the video’s been removed :)

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Best of Coca Cola 2013

Coca Cola Open Happiness

I saw a great commercial from Coca Cola a few days ago, and it reminded me of all the brilliant advertising I’ve seen from them this year.  Despite the sometimes bad reputation Coca Cola has (especially in the eyes of nutritionists), I really do admire them for their advertising.  Coca Cola first launched their “Open Happiness” campaign back in 2009.  Since then, everything they’ve done has stayed true to that marketing message.  Their videos, commercials, guerrilla marketing tactics and even their packaging emulate a sense of happiness that makes you feel good from the inside out. Their recent pledge to not target children under 12  is part of their effort to fight obesity in the US and around the world.  With their “Coming Together” campaign targeting obesity, Coca Cola is taking part in bringing about greater change in their consumer’s daily lives while still staying relevant.

Here are a few of the Coca Cola commercials that I love. They’ve been so memorable and so moving, I can’t help but watch and re-watch, and then share. What are your favourite Coca Cola commercials and campaigns?

Coca Cola Security Cameras – reminding us to look at life…a little differently

Coca Cola Small Word Machines: Bringing India & Pakistan Together – reminding us that what brings us together is stronger than what divides us

Coca Cola’s Sharing Can  – because sharing is happiness

Coca Cola “Falling” – because happiness is falling in love! Sweet :)

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